Programs Provided by/through KIS:

KIS conducts, supports and participates in a number of social programs and initiatives.

Supporting Services

Settlement & Integration Program: This includes intake, needs assessment & referrals, information & orientation, one-to-one counseling, community connections including group workshops & conversation groups, support services including onsite child-minding and employment related services.

Language (LINC) Program: As a Language Assessment Centre, TESL-qualified instructors provide language placement, progress and exit assessments for levels 0 – 8 CLB (Canadian Language Benchmarks). Language instruction flows from the Portfolio Based Language Assessment (PBLA) which is enhanced by field studies, guest speakers, computer literacy support and onsite childminding.

Services are provided with objectives and outcomes to support the socio-economic integration of newcomers within Canadian social structures and traditions as well as newcomers reaching their employment goals.

Welcoming Communities Program:

This initiative was developed to support strategies that foster welcoming and inclusive communities through partnerships which include the business, government, and community sectors as well as Aboriginal and immigrant communities.

The Welcoming Communities Program involves:
– Community Partnership Development
– Public Dialogues to enhance knowledge development & exchange
– Public Education through workshop and community activities
– Resource development to help provide long term support

Safe Harbour: This program is provided by AMSSA (Affiliation of Multicultural Societies and Service Agencies of BC).  To find out more about the Safe Harbour program, please visit their associated web page here.

The delivery of our services connect to all facets of community services such as:

Thompson Rivers University, City of Kamloops, Kamloops Multicultural Society, Kamloops Aboriginal Friendship Society, L’Association Francophone de Kamloops, ASK Wellness, Kamloops Arts Council and many other important service providers in the area.